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Invisalign is one of the best ways to straighten misaligned teeth while avoiding metal braces. It’s the perfect ultra-conservative cosmetic approach, which fits strongly in Littleton Dental Care philosophy. Many of our adult patients have never received treatment for their orthodontic problems, due to a variety of reasons, and they don’t want to have to endure awkward metal braces to correct the problem. Littleton Dental Care wants you to get the help you need to gain a gorgeous smile! Teeth that are left crooked or spaced unevenly are often more susceptible to gum disease and general decay than straight smiles. Don’t let this happen to your mouth!

Instead of using noticeable metal braces to shift your teeth into their proper place, the makers of Invisalign have developed a way to achieve the same results while preserving your self-confidence. The Invisalign method employs a series of customized aligning trays to produce effective outcomes. Invisalign trays are created from a durable, nearly invisible plastic so that you can straighten your teeth without anyone’s knowledge. In fact, Invisalign was created with older teens and adults in mind! If you’ve ever been informed that your teeth may benefit from corrective therapy, talk to Littleton Dental Care about using Invisalign today!


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